Puzzle 47 / Fillomino [LITS + Walls]

CLICKBAIT PERSONALITY TEST THAT YOU CAN DO WITHOUT SOLVING THE PUZZLE: What do you see in the puzzle image below? I have my own thoughts but I won’t bias you by posting them yet. Sound out your thoughts in the comments below! (I don’t expect this to work but I’d love to be proven wrong)

Okay so apparently how puzzles work is I go nearly a year without posting one and then when I post a terrible one, I feel guilty and obligated to post a legitimate one soon after. Testsolved by chaotic_iak.

This is a Fillomino (write a number in every empty cell so that every group of cells with the same number that is connected through its edges has that number of cells) where each tetromino has had their 4s replaced by one of L, I, T, or S describing their shape, and they obey the rules of LITS — they can touch if they are not congruent, they must all be connected, and their squares cannot form a 2×2 block. In addition, cells separated by a thick border may not contain the same number or letter.

See my Puzzle 36 or chao’s Puzzle 36 (I only noticed this coincidence today, it’s quite amazing) or FFF 6 for prior LITS Fillominoes and links to more, and my puzzle 43 for a prior Fillomino Walls mutant with links to other Walls.



Puzzle 45 / Fillomino [No-Path]

As requested, a puzzle post! Straight from the WTF-variant department. Quite hard.

This is a Fillomino, with the additional constraint that for each polyomino, there must not exist a path (i.e. a sequence of cells, each orthogonally adjacent to the next) that includes each of the polyomino’s cells exactly once (and does not include cells outside the polyomino).

As a degenerate case, 1-ominoes are banned as well.


Puzzle 43 / Fillomino [Nonrectangular + Walls]

I’m extremely satisfied — a little incredulous, in fact — with how this puzzle came out. chaotic_iak labels it the “most ridiculous fillomino ever in history”. Apparently, it’s rather tricky.

ETA: Journalistic responsibility compels me to mention that chaotic_iak also added, “might be beaten later”. Oops?

This is a Fillomino combining the Nonrectangular (polyominoes can’t be rectangles) and Walls (polyominoes can’t span thick lines) variant rules. I think the first variant first came from mathgrant; I’m not as sure about the second, but they both appeared in Fillomino-Fillia 2, at least.

Write a number in every empty cell so that every group of cells with the same number that is connected through its edges is a shape that’s not a rectangle with that number of cells. In addition, cells separated by a thick border may not contain the same number.


Puzzle 42 / Fillomino [Greater-Than]

Oops, I forgot the “puzzles” category was semi-reserved for puzzles I constructed/wrote, because among other things an LMI bot is following it. Anyway, if this makes up for anything, I have a puzzle that I’ve procrastinated posting for very, very long.

This is a Fillomino puzzle. Inequality signs in the grid must be satisfied by the two numbers they touch.


Puzzle 41 / Slitherlink [Clones]

I survived midterms.

This is a Slitherlink mutant. Draw a loop through adjacent vertices that cannot intersect itself. Each number indicates how many of the four edges around it are drawn. In addition, each pair of colored squares in corresponding positions (e.g. R1C1 and R6C6, R2C8 and R7C3) must have an equal number of edges drawn around them (i.e. if there were numbers placed there, they would be equal).


Puzzle 40 / Fillomino [Samurai]

Yeah, and there’s this. chaotic_iak rejected this variant for his February sequence in order to get consistent 7×7 dimensions, so I made one. It’s been about a month. I have no idea why I procrastinated posting it until now.

This is a Samurai Fillomino, which means each grid satisfies the constraints on its own. Write a number in every empty cell so that, in each square grid, every group of cells with the same number that is connected through its edges has that number of cells. Note that the two grids must contain the same numbers where they overlap, but the grouping should be considered independently. I’d explain this really carefully if it weren’t the main gimmick of this puzzle.


Wow: if you type 7x7 without code tags, WordPress autoreplaces the x with a multiplication sign. That’s cool. How do people think of things like this?

Puzzle 33 / Ice Barns

Noticed this at meander lawn who has a really broad puzzle blogroll… I don’t really know what I’m doing and may have misinterpreted something, but here goes. (Ahahaha puzzle 33 on 11/22… I wish it was intentional :P)

Draw a path through square centers which enters and exits through the given places. Outside the “ice barns” (the gray things), the path may turn freely but may not self-intersect; inside “ice barns” the path may self-intersect but may not turn. Each ice barn (not necessarily every cell but every region, I think) must be passed over. The path must pass through each given arrow in the given direction.

For absolutely no good reason whatsoever, I would like to announce that somebody has found this blog with the search query [given triangle abc the point j is the centre of the excircle opposite the vertex a.this excircle is tangent to the side bc at m, and to the lines ab and ac at k and l, respectively.the lines lm and bj meet at f, and the lines km and cj meet at g. let s be the point ofintersection of the lines af and bc, and let t be the point of intersection of the lines ag and bc.prove that m is the midpoint of st.]

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