Indecision and Platforms

I can’t do it! *sobs* Don’t make me do it!

Guess what? I’m still here. The migration choked pretty badly on the comments and images. Having poked around thoroughly in WordPress’s toolbox, I now have the complete two-sided story. Here are the points for Blogger.

  • Blogger’s themes are more flexible. You get full CSS control and can adjust the widths and fonts and colors to whatever you want. WordPress’s themes are all bundled up, with the layout, fonts, and most of the colors fixed; without paying, the only customizations you can make are the background, header, and some theme-specific color choices. WordPress has more, but personally I think Blogger’s lesser scope of themes are quite good.
  • Blogger comes with very slightly more advanced (and slick-looking) stats, tracking things like views by country and browser.
  • For me, WordPress seems to lag slightly.

So it seems… I do have to think about it for a week first. Stay tuned.


Platforms and Indecision

I get it, WordPress is better. Of course I have an excuse because I chose this thing in fourth grade, but exporting is easy.

On the other hand, one minute contemplating the change without doing anything is one minute that could have been used creating content.

I spend a lot of time agonizing over these choices. I must have looked over a hundred reviews for free web hosts without ever actually signing up for one. I’ve been through three or four free web hosts that have all shut down or failed variously. The first one from ages ago was a glorious mess of cut-and-paste JavaScript mouse effect packages. Anyway, after a lot of deliberation, I realized I had next to no content to put on such a site and decided that a free blog would be enough, and also less likely to succumb to internet obsolescence.

Indecision: my major personality flaw. Maybe.

Anyway, instead of agonizing over a choice for a week and then switching to WordPress, I think I’ll just switch to WordPress. Of course, I need to present this as a rational decision instead of something done on the spur of the moment; all else considered, staying is better as my old posts are indexed in Google, but it’s not like anybody will search for them anyway. There are lots of comparison posts out there, but here’s my $0.02:

  • Reasonably smooth LaTeX support. I have the AoPS blog for any serious math, but fancy expressions are still occasionally useful for me among otherwise normal prose. There seem to be some JavaScript hacks for Blogger, but they’re just that: hacks, brittle and ugly.
  • No upper limit on pages (undated reference-like posts), but I think know I would never have enough page-suited content to reach the Blogger upper limit (10? 20?). It’s irrational, but it’s not a loss in any way, so there.
  • More “serious bloggers” use WordPress. (This does not count the school teachers who maintain blogs, who probably don’t care that much about advanced features and social aspects anyway.) Hence, better support and tighter integration in general.
  • Google has enough of my data already.
  • The punchline: WordPress converts double-newlines to <p> tags while Blogger uses double <br/> tags. As everybody knows, <p> is semantic while <br/> is presentational and therefore the former should be preferred. This is kind of hypocritical because I just used the strikethrough tag above. But WordPress suggests <del> in its editor. So awesome.

Migration in process. Maybe.