I have a new blog. (Click here.)

It is still a work in progress, but it looks okay. Some posts have been migrated over; more will be migrated in the future. When I’m happy with everything, I might buy WordPress’s domain redirect.

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody who celebrates it.



I guess I lied in my penultimate post.

I’m planning on migrating my primary blog (again), off WordPress to a static site hosted somewhere. I might just throw everything onto GitHub Pages, or might follow any of the zillions of tutorials on how to host static sites off a cheap Amazon S3 bucket — I haven’t decided yet, but no longer having to rely on the free part of freemium services is fairly liberating.

Why? Lots of small reasons.

I like having full control over my HTML/CSS/JavaScript and my post-processing (pun intended) pipeline. Whereas before I could not justify wanting that control beyond gaining the ability to bikeshed, now I think that web design is enough of a thing I do that it’s not a bad idea to make a visually distinctive blog that coheres with my overall Online Identity™. There are also a few specific pain points with WordPress, e.g. it doesn’t handle code formatting or HTML escapes all that well. To some extent this is preventing me from blogging about more technical things, which I want to do, both because it would be interesting and because it would make me feel less awkward about putting my blog on my résumé and showing it to potential employers and the like. (Once again, with style, while looking dapper: if you’re a recruiter reading this, please hire me 🙂

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