Carpe Annum

A fun/interesting/unfortunate/fortunate consequence of the mental world model of Inside Out (2015 Pixar film) (which is a great movie, and I’m saying this as a non-movie-type — I laughed, and I cried, and just omgwtfbbq Disney/Pixar) is that imaginary friends that are capable of autonomous flight are probably immune to being forgotten.

The above statement and the below statement seemed to me like they would be more connected than I think they turn out to be, but anyway, you’ve already read this far and are even getting through an irrelevant grammatical aside that prides itself on being pointlessly obtusely self-referential and otherwise content-free, so you might as well keep on going.

By a somewhat arbitrarily selected timestamp, the timestamp of this post is Deltaphor’s first anniversary plus four days plus sixteen hours ± 1 minute. You can probably find more than one deep numerological significance to all this if you look hard enough (1 minute ≈ 64 seconds!), but the reality is just I’m bad at remembering times and time zones.

(Somebody told me to update…)


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