Nope, still no meaningful post today. Instead here is a pretty diagram of the A* search algorithm
(A-star in English, for my search crawler overlords). At least, I hope it is; I spent more time fiddling with the pretty colors than making sure the algorithm I implemented was actually A*. It looks right, though? In the background, red component measures traversed distance from start, (inverted) green component measures difference between the traversed distance plus heuristic distance and the theoretically optimal heuristic distance from the start, blue component measures heuristic distance to goal.

Pretty visualization of the A* algorithm

I made this for my presentation because I found all the pictures of A* on the Internet so boring, and it gets worse if you filter for reuse. So of course this picture is actually unapologetically CC BY-SA 4.0. Look ma, RDFa tagging!

(edit: omg I forgot to link to the streak)


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