Search Engine Terms Dump

(daily posting streak)

One of the panels in the WordPress stats page shows me all the search terms people reach my blog with. Other writers sometimes grab this as free post fodder, because there are usually pretty bizarre things in there.

That’s what I’m doing… And I’ve already mentioned two as an aside to a puzzle… In my defense my plans were largely derailed today I expected my new MacBook Pro to arrive tomorrow but it came today.

The most frequent search term is, by far, [happy birthday sudoku], with 20 views. Um, okay. Darn Sudoku is still so much more popular than other logic puzzle genres.

The runners-up, each with 10 views, are [mr parr dna song], [imo 2012 solutions], and [betaveros]. There are many more logic puzzle queries in the next few places; [sashigane puzzles] has 9, [ice barn puzzle] has 8, [sashigane] and [slitherlink] each have 6, [yajilin] and [multiplicative corral] each have 5, [fillomino] has 4. The remaining top few places are also made up by huge variations on “mr parr dna song”. I made exactly one post on the subject, which was just a link and a short excerpt; I really don’t know why everybody comes to this blog for it. Eh.

Anyway, I just checked and the Mr. Parr guy is still doing it. Wow. He’s actually pretty good.

[imo] has 5 views and [imos got talent] has 4 views.


  • [holy rankk transform]

    Sorry, I don’t know how to solve it. You aren’t looking for the solution online, are you? Naughty.

    (Amusingly, this is the only one of combinat’s challenges I haven’t solved yet. We met each other on a Facebook thread about rankk pretty recently.)

  • [pleartur]

    I believe the post in which I used this was a post where I broke into actual random text spit out from a text generator using Markov chains based on the legend with King Arthur in it. I forget its name now. Nah, come to think of it, it was probably The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I have no idea.

  • [intuition matrix multiplication]

    Yeah I made a post about that. I don’t know if it’s any good, honestly.


  • [may 27 +74 days=]

    is August 9. Just don’t hesitate and use WolframAlpha.

  • [matrices joke]

    The somewhat related classic “What do you get if you cross a mosquito with a mountain climber?” comes to mind. There’s an xkcd for that, too, which I didn’t remember until I searched:


    There don’t appear to be many more. I searched around online and found only two.


    What do mathematicians sleep on?


    Why was the matrix arrested?
    Illegal entry.


  • [scala simpleguiapplication 2.10]

    Oh, hopefully I helped somebody with that when I blogged about Scala adventures. Like, two people. Although the StackOverflow answers about it should suffice.

1 view each:

  • [cryptic frigid illogical luggage]

    I can make neither head nor tail of this. I tried to solve the latter three words as a cryptic clue; I didn’t get anywhere. Then again I’m pretty bad at cryptic clues.

  • [imo lagrange multipliers]

    I have no idea. Maybe ask Evan. He has a handout on that (PDF).

  • [ap biology how to determine if something is covalent or ionic]

    The funniest part is that it’s biology instead of chemistry.

  • [write program binary search using babble sort]

    what is babble how is babble made

  • [laptop keys qwer not working with right shift key but will with the left shift key]

    Darn, people’s keyboard break in weird ways. This probably hit my attempt to start typing Dvorak. I never really made the switch, although I can still touch-type it as well as QWERTY and will switch to Dvorak when I type a lot of text without much weird markup or editing or other tasks like research or checking Facebook.

  • [interpretation of “the story of wang li”]

    I wanted to find “The Story of Wang Li” online — it appears to be a children’s story — and give a snarky answer, but I am somehow incapable of finding its text online! (I am not very good at this.) Instead I see lots of teachers offering lessons and discussion questions. I think it’s likely I have read it before as a child in one of those anthologies, but it has all blurred together with other vaguely similar tales involving parents and children and Chinese folklore.

  • [how to insert dots at intersection of rows and columns excel]

    Don’t; just use my bloated unintuitive Scala program instead. /sarc

  • [haskell in ioi]


  • [ solutions]


  • [frındam]

    Note that’s a LATIN SMALL LETTER DOTLESS I and I have no idea what that has to do with this blog or anything at all.

  • [what is sukodo happy birthday]


    At this point I’m wondering whether “sukodo” or something similar is “happy birthday” in Japanese, but I asked Google and the translate box says “Otanjōbiomedetōgozaimasu” so probably not.

    Google still somehow corrects “sukodo” to “sudoku” so there’s probably not much in the former’s Google-space. It only appears to be a last name and an obscure travel spot in Japan.


  • [which is why arceus created the universe with three states of matter, and three hundred solid and liquid poisons that could cause these symptoms]

    I did make a post about that mention here. It was cool but I don’t know why I thought it was worth a blog post. A tweet, maybe. I think it was partially motivated by trying different post types at that point. Whatever.

    Also, if you didn’t know this already, the pronunciation of the Pokémon’s name has gone through some chaos, as Bulbapedia will tell you:

    Arceus’s English name has had three different pronunciations. The announcer of Pokémon Battle Revolution pronounced it “AR-see-uss”. A promotional trailer for Arceus and the Jewel of Life used the pronunciation “ar-SAY-us”, a pronunciation supported by the katakana used to spell its name. In the final release of Arceus and the Jewel of Life, it was pronounced “AR-key-us”, which was affirmed as the official pronunciation by a Poké mailbag and by the Pokémon Essential Handbook.

    According to Tom Wayland, the “AR-key-us” pronunciation was used due to concerns over the implications (linked in original) behind the first syllable of “AR-see-uss” in the UK and other British English-speaking territories.

    I still think the original pronunciation is the most natural, unfortunate implications be damned. Thoughts?

  • [perfectionism is a chemical imbalabe]

    It’s kind of ironic when you misspell a search query about perfectionism, right?


  • [dtamt admjgpa]

    I give up I’m not commenting on any more of these search terms.

  • [formula i’m too pretty to do algebra]
  • [movies with nerds with math competition]
  • [nerd math code language]
  • [procrastination just another game]
  • [rank in entrance in math 2013 calendar with holidays]
  • [ spanking]

This concludes today’s frivolous post. I am posting these way too close to midnight lately.


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