List of things I did this weekend instead of studying for next week’s midterms:

  • create that Python gist from last post with all the atomic weights of the elements in it
  • arrange all the weights in said gist into a space-aligned periodic table
  • solve (read: walked through via chat) chaotic_iak’s non-hoax hidden puzzle
  • listen to approximately every Pentatonix video in existence (these people are just insanely skilled)
  • randomly play the piano and sing to myself for the first time in a few months
  • three separate commits on Gridderface (not that they’re big changes or anything)
  • go through (you’ll know when you reach the end)
  • update my pixelated avatar
  • attempt to use rudimentary trial-and-error to make my Twitter profile seamless
  • choose a new design for this blog and create a banner almost from scratch
  • write two random blog posts, including this one (but not the one-liner on AoPS about a certain troll polynomial)

What a productive weekend!


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