Puzzle 32 / Slitherlink [Crosslink + Liar]

Yes, a “big” crazy mutant puzzle for a “milestone” (as seen on xkcd), both for this blog and for my life. Things are rough now, but I prepared this ridiculously ahead of time. It’s still not really big, but I’m not so experienced and I don’t have the inspiration for something like an entire mini-puzzlehunt. Also, I think I should attempt more word-bank-based puzzles some day so I won’t fail as completely at them.

But anyway: This is a Slitherlink combining MellowMelon’s Crosslink and Liar variations. Draw a loop through vertices that can intersect itself but must go straight both times if it does; each number normally indicates how many of the four edges around it are draw, but exactly one clue in each row and column is false. Have fun.

EDIT: For Paint-users, after clicking to get the original image, try flood-filling imaginary edges 🙂


3 thoughts on “Puzzle 32 / Slitherlink [Crosslink + Liar]

  1. You posted after midnight! (I mean a few minutes after some midnight (12.17 AM).)

    Obviously went for the opening by observing clue placements, as in with your usual Liar puzzles. But obviously can’t proceed without any writing instruments. I’ll work on it at school tomorrow…err, this morning.

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