Puzzle 28 / Fillomino [Nonrectangular]

This is a Fillomino puzzle where every polyomino is required to be nonrectangular (which also bans squares). Write a number in every empty cell so that every group of cells with the same number that is connected through its edges is a shape that’s not a rectangle with that number of cells.

Fillomino-Fillia 2 is coming! Anyway I don’t know how to judge difficulty but this is probably terrible practice. I should try a Skyscrapers if I can keep pretending USH homework doesn’t exist which I probably shouldn’t.


3 thoughts on “Puzzle 28 / Fillomino [Nonrectangular]

    • Oh wait it appears I procrastinated and forgot to reply. Yeah, my school department is bilingual, we learn more English than Chinese, and we follow a very U.S.-style curriculum in high-school, complete with its history and some AP classes. Most of us will probably go to the U.S. for college. USH is (probably?) not in the curriculum in normal schools, but Americanized schools are not rare at all.

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