AP Biology Summer Homework

I finished it!

(I also changed my blog title to something that means something, kind of! But if I ever write about that, it will be in a separate post.)

Alright, when the correct edition of the book arrives with chapters that are numbered so that they actually correspond to the section titles, my perfectionist tendencies will probably make me check everything again and rewrite a good deal of it, but for now I finished it!

Highlights of my journey:

  • drawing a Hierarchy of Structural Levels in Biological Organization without having any idea what the point was supposed to be

    Hey, it told me to “draw”!

  • parsing a question that wanted me to “[d]raw a molecule that is covalent, polar covalent, and ionic”. It’s okay if you don’t get the point, I’ll explain because I’m nice and don’t have anything better to do. A molecule is covalent by its definition and cannot contain any ions; the term that also covers salts (i.e. ionic compounds) is “chemical compound”. I’m probably technically wrong about all this somewhere because I scraped it together from Wikipedia fragments while half-asleep and have not really learned any chemistry yet. So, like the hypersubmissive student I am, I took the liberty of completely reinterpreting the problem and drew two molecules and one ionic compound with one sodium and one chloride atom. Don’t say I didn’t try.
  • coming up with a “shoe factory analogy” for, among other things, a tight junction! In excessively simplified words, a tight junction is where two cells’ membranes join together to form something liquid can’t pass through. So the million-dollar question is why two shoe factories would want to join their walls together to form something liquid can’t pass through. I’ve stared at this sentence for ten minutes and can’t come up with a funny follow-up, so it’s left to the reader as an exercise!

Now, I’m sad because this should be such an exciting achievement and I make it sound anticlimactic. And because I’m running out of interesting things to do in the summer… to the point where I occasionally find myself… washing dishes randomly. And I know I will feel like the exact opposite once school starts.

Why isn’t anything interesting happening around here!?


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