Puzzle 19 / Yajilin

I have just realized that I have only ever tried one level of difficulty in puzzle construction, viz., “as hard as I can make it”. This is mainly because I don’t want to construct anything overly trivial with the same few tricks, but, well, maybe it’s not the best idea for actually trying to build an audience.

Am I actually trying to build an audience? Am I? *shudders*

(Yajilin summary: fill in some cells, draw a loop through the rest, filled cells aren’t adjacent, arrows denote # of filled cells along some ray; MellowMelon’s rules)

Funny how the things I do to procrastinate and the things I procrastinate doing rotate so often.


3 thoughts on “Puzzle 19 / Yajilin

  1. Since I started to avoid Yajilin path being entirely determined by givens positioning (and not the values of the givens), I tend to dislike the top-left (and bottom-right) corner for having like 8 squares in the path determined. But otherwise, a seemingly difficult puzzle; haven’t really tried it as no paper access now 😛 Y U HAZ NO SYMMETRY

    • I looked around and I think clue-symmetric Yajilins aren’t very common, although they do exist. Same goes for Corrals. Your aesthetic standards are pretty high…

      • Uh most of my Yajilin (like two out of three I think?) are symmetric 😛 And I try to do symmetry whenever possible, which actually causes my difficulty to drop. Not that I ever make something really hard though 😛

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