Puzzle 17 / Corral

Corral puzzle, aka Cave aka Bag etc.
(Yes, from nikoli.)
Short rules: draw a loop along the grid lines; each numbered cell is in the loop and the number denotes how many cells can be seen vertically or horizontally from that cell, plus the cell itself. Stealing link to MellowMelon’s long rules.

EDIT 8/5 9:50pm (UTC+8): ambiguity fixed in center left QQ

Obviously, like I decided with my normal ramblings many years ago, I should stop any pretense of making these with any sort of schedule.


2 thoughts on “Puzzle 17 / Corral

  1. Hm why do I think I have an ambiguity in R3C2 (there is a solution for both it being in the loop and it being not in the loop)? Gotta check my solution(s) first; if they still stand, I’ll email those to you.

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