Biology Quotes

Looking at something under the microscope. I think it was banana.

“Teacher, is this slice too thin or thick?”
“[garble warble]”
It was even worse with “hypertonic” vs. “hypotonic” solutions.

Today the teacher was talking about DNA and transformation and something “S-shun”.
S-what? “Estion” or “S-shen”? Some obscure biological compound or process not in the textbook or my vague scientific concepts?
“S-shuuuun!” exclaims the teacher and flips back a few slides on our kludgy SmartBoard.

She was talking about the “S strain”, the strain of bacteria that were causing lab rats to get pneumonia and flip over in those silly Flash animations. This is the negative side of being so fully bilingual: accents too easily make people’s talking completely indecipherable to me.

(Oh yay let’s retroactively tag a bunch of posts for no reason!)


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