Test Post 1

Haha I give up. You win, WordPress.

For the uninformed, this is a migrating (not-very-serious) blogger from Blogger, because this platform just gets more awesome the more you stare at it. I relinquish the control over every character of the markup and styling; they will be sorely missed. But then I guess I never seriously thought my sense of style was going to impress anybody. Now, the XML preprocessor conditionals, I don’t know, I might have had some fun with them, but I think serving on the [TA]IMC site management is going to give me enough server-side web-development kicks. Or more than I could stomach.

The second loss is knowing which countries my visitors are from, and what browsers they use. This turned out to be less interesting than I hoped. It’s trivial to guess where all the people who actually visit this blog for its content come from. Then there are referral-spammers who hail from Russia and are already more common than the former. I didn’t learn anything from the countries of the few people who don’t fit into this picture.

ex. Somebody found my previous blog through the Google query “slitherlink brian”. He or she is from Finland. (This doesn’t make any sense; I can’t even imagine how I’d find my blog with that query the way it is now.) I don’t know anything about Finland except that it is a country. It sounds European, though.

As for the views by browser, the numbers are small enough so as to be statistically useless but large enough so as not to reveal anything about anybody.

The third… I think there was a third but I no longer remember it. Well, I’m just noticing that the formatting of code tags doesn’t really stand out. This is probably bad for that draft post on regular expressions I was kicking around.

Oh wait, here it is. WordPress lags. Just a little; I’m not sure if it’s my mediocre Internet connection or Pentadactyl. But still, I have too many new features to play with.

But oh snap my homework. Adios.

Okay “Next Goal: 160 Posts”!? This is hilarious. And I get proven right immediately.


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