First Day of School

Yup yup winter vacation is over! *sigh*

As usual, the opening ceremony, about which I could gripe forever but I won’t because it’s no fun. Well, a little bit. Whoever was in charge of playing the award-procession-music messed up a lot. For one of the awards, only one loud note was blasted with a dizzying echo. Well, we’re all insiders; none of us take a music-related failure that seriously.

Ritualistic awards for ridiculously high GPAs and grades. The whole thing was covered with indecipherable buzzwords and was a bit confusing. Well, it is our first semester with this GPA thing. Snore. Then it turns out I have the highest grade in the second term. Really now?

Everybody has been wondering out loud who has that mysterious 4.4 GPA. (It’s not me.) I don’t have any idea. Okay, actually I feel like I know who; I think I’ve seen it somewhere but I can’t remember where, so I’ll keep my vague suspicions to myself.


Rumor has it somebody spent the winter vacation finishing all the biology problems (lolwut).

After a bit of consideration and consultation with classmates I stepped down to the office to find Ms. Brosseau (ok I do not know how to spell that and I can’t find it in five minutes so I’m going to stop looking before I accidentally stumble upon a link to Reddit (no pun intended (I wonder if the pun actually makes sense (yes four levels deep without any effort whatsoever, I feel so proud)))) to ask about joining the honors geography class. Apparently my overall work skillz are well-known enough for this to quickly be agreed on without any testing. There are still some logistical issues about transferring and I’m not entirely sure I’ll get to change classes but I know I’m always overcautious about this type of issues. So here I am, now with an extra honors boost.

The impression that the first class left me with was the feeling of finally scratching a difficult-to-reach itch on one’s back. (Totally the kind of simile for confusing people/making them go “WTF?”) The difference in workload is obvious from the very first class. It’s basically a combination of everything I considered myself to be hopelessly unknowledgeable and lacking of common sense in: weird out-of-place countries, current events, the uprisings and persecution and governmental systems that sound like the spell components in a bad fantasy novel, and so on ad nauseum. This is what school is supposed to be like, man. (I’m almost sure I’ll take this back later.)

It took me a while to realize that there will be a lot of things compounding this reportedly insane workload; the weekly skipped periods for chemotherapy, not to mention the absences when (okay, if 🙂 I have to go to the olympiad camps, or the site maintenance for the competition in July, whose complexity seems to be rapidly spinning out of control. I now really need to stop procrastinating and to stop correcting my posts so much. I think that was also a reason for making this choice: better to force myself to learn it now in early high school when the penalties aren’t so harsh. Or maybe I’m overestimating my subconscious.

But I’m still confident and smiling. Not very like myself. I don’t know why, and I don’t care; there’s going to be plenty of time to be miserable later.

“You need a reason to be sad. You don’t need a reason to be happy. ” –D.J., Sideways Stories from Wayside School


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