Indecision and Platforms

I can’t do it! *sobs* Don’t make me do it!

Guess what? I’m still here. The migration choked pretty badly on the comments and images. Having poked around thoroughly in WordPress’s toolbox, I now have the complete two-sided story. Here are the points for Blogger.

  • Blogger’s themes are more flexible. You get full CSS control and can adjust the widths and fonts and colors to whatever you want. WordPress’s themes are all bundled up, with the layout, fonts, and most of the colors fixed; without paying, the only customizations you can make are the background, header, and some theme-specific color choices. WordPress has more, but personally I think Blogger’s lesser scope of themes are quite good.
  • Blogger comes with very slightly more advanced (and slick-looking) stats, tracking things like views by country and browser.
  • For me, WordPress seems to lag slightly.

So it seems… I do have to think about it for a week first. Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Indecision and Platforms

  1. NO WHY BLOGGERAnyway, some points for choosing WordPress:- You can edit your comments. Anyone logged in can. I think there's a history for each comment or something, but I haven't checked it. I don't see any way to do so in Blogger.- I think Blogger, although with full CSS, doesn't allow you to edit the markup. So you can't go for fancier styles. Although yes, WordPress can only edit a limited amount of elements, but "blogging professionalism" (as shown by WordPress users, maybe) doesn't need fancy styles anyway.- Blogger doesn't send e-mail about blogs you follow (new post etc). WordPress does for WP blogs. (Basically a rant to make it easier to follow your blog.)

  2. – point taken.- Blogger allows you to edit every character of the HTML and CSS, and then some (even the XML preprocessor with conditionals and macros). For free! (Okay, obsessing over the styling is unprofessional.) – I discovered the follow-by-email gadget! I don't know how I missed it before. Personally, though, I suggest using an RSS reader (e.g. Google Reader or look through Wikipedia's list), which almost all sites that even remotely resemble blogs support.

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