The time I feel strongly about achieving a goal is pretty much fixed regardless of how huge the goal is. Afterwards I end up procrastinating to not look at the goal I set and how miserably I’m behind progress. Hence, two hours of TVTropes. How many times do I have to repeat this before I do something about it? <insert generic rage sound>

Maybe this has something to do with the way I’m no longer carrying and flipping through my planner around everywhere since school has let out. This should be easy to fix. Or maybe it’s just the fact that Reddit is now an option (and, due to the SOPA & co. clash, much more interesting than usual) all the time, in which case I’m screwed. Look, another reason to fight the bill like crazy.

Lived through: 15×15 Nurikabe breaking three-quarters through construction; stomachache; two spontaneous short lucid dreams in adjacent nights; long and disorienting nature walk on and about the Maokong Gondola; two hours on TVTropes, which I already mentioned; two days of forgetting to charge my iPod.

Accomplished: nothing?


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