First day of winter vacation, and already I’m confused about what to do.

The day before yesterday I blitzed through Night. Yesterday I more-or-less previewed all of the assigned biology chapters. I know I had countless entries on my to-do list for all this anticipated free time. Where has all the willpower gone? Grarrgh.

Previously on the schedule, naturally: a whirlwind of studying. Classmate asked me near the end of school the Friday before finals for my Hiroshima survivor notes. My notes were crappy and I thought crowdsourcing might be a good idea. It resulted in some reasonably nice-looking notes in the brief time of a weekend. Eventually, though, my classmates got sick of studying and started to turn everything into equipment caricatures (if you know what I mean) and memes entirely devoid of any sense of humor. It’s a lot like the well-known magical powers English teachers have of turning anything into an assignment. (Before I misplace the link, here is an infographic about memes; notice my superior link-text assignment skills.) Long story short: it got out of hand, so I revoked everybody’s edit access and studied biology instead.

Unfortunately, this meant that I utterly neglected to study a certain online article that appeared on the test. For some strange reason, however, I still guessed all the points. Apparently.

The next thing I know, tests are passed back.

Ahahahaha. Here comes the hypocritical rage face because I cannot think of a better way to articulate the feelings received from my test scores. I’m sorry.

[Everything went better than expected!]

…great, now what?


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