Lists of Obscure Stuff

Some information:

  • You do not lose more heat through your head than through other parts of your body. Of course, if you cover your whole body except for your head, most of the heat loss you experience will be through your head.
  • The HTML <b> and <i> tags are not officially deprecated. Some other ones which are are <u>, <s>, and <font>.
  • You should not have two consecutive dashes in an HTML comment except as the start of the comment tag.

Some vocabulary:

  • saw (n, obscure meaning): A maxim or proverb.
  • remittance (n, geography textbook): money that a person who has emigrated from his/her home country and gotten a job elsewhere sends back to people in the home country, or something along those lines.
  • bolo (n, crossword): Some kind of tie with cords on it. Seriously.
  • nauseous (adj.): feeling nausea; causing nausea. I do not have to insist on “nauseated” for the latter.

Some Nurikabe:

I was like “Let’s make a 15×15!” and got confused by the graph lines and stopped early. Anyway, I think the steps aren’t so trivial now. I’m still too lazy to fix my generator, however. applet

yes, normal Nurikabe

And, of course, before I forget this: Reddit’s SOPA FAQ. My opinion on this is so straightforward that I don’t feel the need to explain it to myself in the future or to the one-and-a-half imaginary readers of this blog. I should probably do something, though, seeing as people are not likely to hear this from the news.

Do I label this with “puzzles”? Okay, fine.


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