Too Lazy to Think of a Title

The semester’s a few weeks from ending! Time really does seem to go by faster the older you get.

Yesterday was completely hectic because of various deadlines for our English research paper (which is probably enough grounds for a whole other post, so I’ll leave out the details). But after the work got down sometime around eight-thirty I’ve been in a sort of funk. I seriously don’t feel like doing any sort of work.

Plans come to me while I’m lying in bed… get my biology homework done early, make a blog post about this or that, start the dirty work on the IMC 2012 page, set up an internet riddle, confront ToeJam… but all the enthusiasm goes away when I’m awake, sitting in the chair… like right now. Instead I end up crawling old Lifehacker post in a zombie-like mode (because experience has finally hammered into me the lesson that visiting Reddit (or, obviously, TVTropes) would be an irreversible lapse in today’s productivity).

I feel a need to have something to mark my everyday existence during this period with. Awards and medals are well and good, but they’re just snapshots of a few instants. Implicitly they indicate months or years of hard work, but the implication is not the same as the real thing. Something to claim as my own, that truly is effort instead of a token that represents it. But even with so many options, I just can’t control when my passion comes and goes.

(that sentence means… ugh, why does every other word have such connotations?)


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