The time of year for spreading love, joy, and an excess of sweets.

IBSH Christmas Concert 2011 was everything we expected it to be: barely scraping by. Okay, they got a good deal of teachers to sing Justin Bieber on-stage. CBC put on an excellent dancing performance. Some lower grade decided to do a semi-parody called “12 Dogs of Christmas”. It was unexpected, and they pulled it off. That’s more than I can say for most of the performances.

I still don’t have a reason how anybody could think it was a good idea for our Spanish class to sing a song. I’m not sure if anybody in our class actually knew how to pronounce everything, what with the J’s and LL’s and fancy nuances. Of course, all of the fanciness comes from the severe irregularity of English pronunciation, but unless you’ve tried a little self-studying or know anything about other languages, the anglophone bias is not at all obvious. And then most of the students simply aren’t the stage-performance type. Being able to go on a stage and perform is a skill that requires mastery in and of itself, one that I think I’ve picked up rather successfully through various online mind-hack articles and a few math-related adventures. It’s not just about being able to pronounce the lyrics or getting all the notes right (although those skills are ones that our class needs to learn just as badly.)

So the result was a bunch of people standing around awkwardly on stage vaguely making mouth-movements while Enrique Iglesias did all the actual singing in the background. Not much of a performance by any measure.

Honestly, I felt absolutely zero concert vibes during the whole thing. Everybody just wanted to get it over with and go home. And there haven’t been any good sweets around here either, just oversweet mucky caramel and toffee.

Before we know it, a zillion essay deadlines will be upon us, followed stealthily by the finals. Misery.


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