The Eraser Curse

Step 1: Buy eraser.
Step 2: Lose eraser.
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Profit!

I’m a person particularly prone to strange transcription errors, which is why I generally use pencils when they’re available. Of course, in order to use the erasable property of pencils I need an eraser.

As might be guessed from the title of this post, I lose erasers all day long. I have no idea what happens to them, really. Maybe they fall out of my not-quite-fully-zipped pencil box when I run from class to class. Maybe I put them on my desk and somehow knock them onto the floor five desks away. I wish I could figure out what bad habits are causing this and fix them, but I can’t exactly compile a frequency chart of reasons for losing these erasers.

I don’t blame myself entirely; erasers are small things, easily slipping through cracks, and hard to see on a patterned floor. About a week ago I managed to attach my eraser to my mechanical pencil with a paper clip. It seemed to work, and also solved the problem of the eraser tumbling to the bottom of my pencil box and my having to dig beneath dozens of other stationery to retrieve it a dozen times per day.

Then yesterday, my mechanical pencil went missing.

Fortunately, today I found it on the floor of the bio lab, across the aisle. Unfortunately, this means this post no longer has a meaningful point. Oh well.


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