Another List

It’s supposed to be a good way to kick one’s procrastination habits. So the procrastination book I read in RT-mart last week told me.
The most important thing is to keep the items small and concrete, breaking up tasks into lots of tinier bullets.

  • dammit the semipentacube packer (I don’t know how much change will be needed here, but I’m thinking not that much. Either way, let’s call this “PRELIMINARY INSPECTION”)
  • letter #1 (okay)
  • letter #2 (woah)
  • English
    • research
    • test
      • study the book (a little)
      • study the vocabulary (just kidding)
  • Geography map
    • question 1
    • question 2
    • question 3
    • question 4
  • Chinese presentation
    • read the whole thing again
    • make note cards or sth.
    • rehearse
    • rerehearse
    • who made that joke? from one of Louis Sachar’s books
  • math fair project
    • think
    • think
    • think
    • think
    • think
    • yeah, whatever
  • finish…
    • …melon’s…
    • …puzzle…
    • …250
  • I’m not very good at this. 

I’ve also managed to procrastinate by making the background tileable. Although it wasn’t really very time-consuming.


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