confluence (n.)
1. the place where two rivers, streams, or other continuously flowing bodies of water meet and become one, especially where a tributary joins a river.
2. the act of combining which occurs at the place where rivers and the like meet.
3. a convergence or combination of forces, people, or things.

Big convergence of things to do this weekend!

(Okay so if my memory hasn’t failed I learned this in sixth grade with Mr. Clemens and my example sentence involved using the word like this. I don’t know why I remember this)

  • English literature questions. Love 181 A1~4, Yarn bulleted summary and deeper question
  • English research paper: look up 3 vetted articles
  • English test sometime next week
  • Biology: chapter 5 questions
  • Chinese: huge presentation on a bicycle-company founder guy, slideshow and article
  • Chinese: lesson 7 test on Tuesday
  • Geography: 3 non-governmental organization phone numbers assigned by the sergeant, Josephine. (New project. No longer having to lead anything is great.)
  • Geography: Interview questions on Wednesday

This is just the school list.

  • Saturday: NPSC 2011 preliminaries. I want to get into the finals at least because there will hopefully be 8-gigabyte USBs for everybody like last time and Dad has lost every previous one of these.
  • Sunday: Tournament of Towns A-level paper (and in Taipei so I won’t even be at home for pretty close to 24 hours)

 Having a huge list and explaining my schedule to a fictional audience is a great way to put things in perspective.

Okay here’s the “I hope I can do this soon” list:

  • Figure out what happened in my semipentacube packer to cause strange duplicates
  • Write a letter to somebody (I refuse to explain more)
  • Continue managing Achievement Greed Control (?)
  • Create a nice look for this blog
  • Find nice pictures for the English room bulletin board
  • Get the grid editor project thing working simply and nicely
  • Practice “Dimelo” for the Christmas concert (!)
  • Maybe just maybe write a game?

Now to start procrastinating…


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