Yesterday was the typical car trip to the hospital. One hour to Taipei, lots of walking around the hospital, wait for Dad’s end of the day, one more hour back. Trapped in the car, I always have my mind drift off to the deepest of philosophical issues. Forgive me for not going too closely into them; if I do so my good mood could well be gone again. Stuff about consciousnesses and choices and the purpose of humanity, you know.

Anyway, I didn’t figure anything out. I never have when I’ve gone off on thought-trips like that. I have only concluded that all those issues aren’t relevant now, not with all of humanity’s issues, and that thinking about them is doing more harm than good.

So. Now it’s Friday and I’ve been randomly surfing the Internet again. Let’s see what has happened. The Coin War is over, and we somehow raised over 60,000 NT. The most furious competition was between our own ninth grade classes. Heh.

There’s a new Hyperbole and a Half post after a hiatus that was pretty awfully long that perfectly describes everything I’ve been feeling.

Yup, and we still have the biology cell model project.




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