It’s hardly fair… I only come here to spam thoughts when I’m down, don’t I? So all my lousy moments are captured here and none of the good stuff.

This post was supposed to be about good stuff, but I still can’t hold the mood for long. Somehow. I felt much more awake today at school, which is all sorts of awesome. But I still don’t know where my life is heading. Grr.

Okay, enough abstract stuff. Maybe this is the vicious cycle, that all my twisted philosophical thoughts are self-reinforcing and don’t make me happy, and all I have to do is get into actual down-to-earth thinking to feel better.

Today was the yearly UNICEF carnival. Lots of people dressing up, booths with junk food and drinks and games, you get the picture. Of course, still being sick and wary of crowds in general, I kept away. Today’s lunch was thus very plain dumplings. Also, we failed miserably at trying to work on our biology project.

Gosh, so much for being down-to-earth. I don’t have anything to write about.


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