Look. Face it. You don’t have to make everything perfect.

Only you have control, but you’re not the god of everything. You don’t need to achieve perfection. You will make mistakes. You will be unable to find the perfect way to do everything. And it doesn’t matter.

There isn’t always a perfect way. Or if there is, finding it is too hard for you. You’d be better off spending your time actually finishing stuff. Perfect or not, they won’t be important forever.

This isn’t the important stage in your life either. Regardless of how carefully you polish your gem now, in ten years it’ll still pale in contrast to what you’ll come up with then. Your concept of perfection moves with you.

If you do find perfection attainable, you wouldn’t be motivated to improve. Treat it as a goal, one to aim for and miss. Get things done in the meantime, please.


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