Stuff Gets Done

It’s nice to finally be home.

Among other things, you get back this sense of authority. You can plan and organize your environment however you want. This goes here, that goes there. It’s not just about the physical arrangement of things, either; you get to manage your time freely as well.

So. Today our family went on an organizing rampage. There were a lot of factors that came together to make us reach the tipping point, I think. It is back-to-school season, after all; this morning we had to go to registration and get two massive loads of textbooks. We also went to RT-Mart for a shopping spree, for school supplies, and for food. And maybe I guess I just couldn’t stand all the idling I’ve been doing for goodness knows how long.

Anyway, Mom, my sister, and I started cleaning up once lunch was out of the way. Every drawer was gone through, every object put into a collection of similar things. I’m amazed at how things can accumulate in the weirdest places. We managed to find twenty-odd working pens of various colors, and about as many glass marbles, as well as too many unrecognizable business cards to count.

There are still piles of junk everywhere, but now at least each pile has more or less its own category, not just “stuff”. And it feels wonderful to be in control.


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