Internet Safety

When I was under 13 and wanted access to the sites and functionalities that looked cool to me on the internet, but somehow couldn’t convince my conscience that I should simply check those “I am over 13” checkboxes, I wrote a song protesting about it. It was rather silly.

Now looking back I can only say that those checkboxes were there for a good reason. I was definitely not mature enough at under 13 to use the internet that way. Of course, it’s the internet, and enforcing those checkboxes is impossible. I cannot imagine a reasonable system. And, in fact, even under the narrow restrictions my conscience provided, I still managed to put a lot of trollishly pathetic stuff online.

In as few words as possible, all the rules about internet etiquette I’ve figured out:

Be polite.
Don’t reveal too much.
Think before posting (or emailing, messaging, whatever).
Expect and accept criticism.

Really, I remember how I got criticized briefly and broke down in virtual tears and blubbery talk as an internet noob. I still vaguely shudder about it when my brain decides to remind me of that. Maybe it’s still my greatest weakness: incapability to take criticism.

I don’t think I’ve posted anything I regret particularly recently, though, so that’s a positive. Hmm, not bad.


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