The Rules

One day and I’m back. Actually giving into this idea that I should pop in when I feel like it is great.

Mom and I were expecting to be able to leave the hospital today, about now, since my reactions to the section of chemotherapy labeled “Reinduction II” were surprisingly mild, I’m getting less tired with every day, and as the previous post should show, I’m going crazy here. Unfortunately my temperature reached 38C an hour ago, even though I feel fine, plus we’re waiting for another doctor to pay a visit, so apparently we’re stuck for one more day.

The doc also recommends that I should keep at home for at least a month after school starts, just to see if my body can take the “Continuation” phase (yes, they really do have dozen-letter words for everything just like on TV!). The dosage is much less compared to the chemo I’ve gone through so far, and I even survived a weeklong trip to the IMO during that period, but some of the chemo is completely different, so we can’t compare them for certain.

I am currently listening to the people across the room rambling through a pizza order, and it’s driving me nuts.

I seriously want to go back to school, and soon. Nevertheless I think I should have a backup goal, or set of goals, or just direction, for the time being. A math project, books, puzzles, or perhaps a little coding might help…

Oh yes and some real chicken. With BBQ sauce too. Dammit.


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