I have made seven posts on kinda arbitrary philosophical topics, mainly chosen since they worried me. As I know that my life can’t continue if I spend half my homework time researching a completely detached philosophy, I’ve decided to try and sum up everything I’ve determined so far about life and death and meaning. That doesn’t mean I won’t worry about philosophical matter anymore; it just means I should be able to put the topics I’ve dealt with already away.

Firstly, death is a natural part of life; if anything it increases its value. That doesn’t mean that it’s not scary or unimportant. It is, but just as important is life, since you know more about life anyway. Respect and acknowledge death, but respect and acknowledge life equally. If death is annihilation, then it must be painless and peaceful and sinless. Otherwise, chances are you’ll go to heaven. Of course I don’t know. Also, don’t forget that scientists are struggling like whatever metaphysical metaphor you want to figure out what consciousness is. The whole point: nobody has more than a 50%-justified prediction or expectation about death, but plenty of people know how they’ll live.

Immortality may be frightening, but should that really come to pass, you’ll have plenty of time to come to terms with it. Even on your own. Of course if it’s negative it would be terrible, but that really doesn’t make sense.

The meaning of life is not intrinsic, probably. Indeed, just as if you keep asking “Why?” of something you’ll eventually reach a dead end like “We don’t know” or “It could be some other way, but that’s just the way it is”, if you keep asking “What for?” you’ll eventually reach a dead end like “We don’t know” or “Just pretend it makes sense.” Even if you were an omniscient, omnipotent, and omnibenevolent being with all your friends and family with you nevertheless you could still be asking that question. That is actually a little frightening put that way, but meaning is subjective, just as reality is subjective.

We don’t know if God exists. Nobody knows for SURE, and in practice it’s unfalsifiable and unprovable.

Future topics:

Are omnibenevolence and omnimalevolence really completely symmetric?

Is it a rational fear for the world to end in the next five minutes?

Do we know anything for sure? Should we suspect everything for that?

What moral, ethical, and philosophical issues would still be pertinent if we discovered that the brain operated on clear-cut and entirely explicable physical and neurological laws? What if the presence of a mind were demonstrated?


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