Me & Death, Part 2

I’m still not sure about this death thing. Should I be afraid? I’m not even sure if it is rational to have fear.

Again, I focus on the worst-case scenario, that death is nothing, or a total, eternal loss of consciousness. What will I feel? When I lose consciousness temporarily (and this is based on the accounts of others; I don’t remember any such event clearly enough to know), my thoughts seem to “jump” discontinuously over, say, several hours. When I die, do my thoughts “jump” discontinuously over an eternal interval? What sort of jump is that? This is a rather silly idea. So I guess I lose consciousness forever.

What does it mean to “lose” consciousness? Here I guess we have to distinguish a couple ideas. We must distinguish between [me, the consciousness], [me, the idea], and [me, the life]. Certainly the idea is immortal. I can probably say that it existed before I was born, along with six quintillion other ideas of people, most of which never get realized and would never get realized. The life is definitely mortal, unless I turn out to be the next messenger or something.

So where’s the consciousness?

I have a million things about this, but my time is limited. It seems the best advice at the end of the day is still to live life to its fullest, since it and its mortality are the only things you’re certain of, plus taxes. Death? Let’s worry about that when we know what it is.

So was I really clinically depressed? Hmm.


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