G4G9 Last-Minute Post

I have to give this talk on Triangles on Absolute Differences tomorrow (actually, today) and I haven’t practiced with the latest version yet. At all.

Most of my time at home preparing was preparing lame pick-up lines for people I think won’t even be there.

Most of my time on the plane was spent imagining customs officers dragging me off screaming somewhere nice.

Most of my time in the hotel was spent blog-stalking the eleven-year-old. Should certain very specific events come to pass today, he might read this sentence. Whatever.

Most of my time on the computer here was spent on Skype waving my hands in little circles, and the rest was spent here. Typing a post that nobody is ever going to read.

Wonder if I’ll be famous someday and people will go quote-mining in this blog nobody knows about.

Heck, whatever.


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