More Suspension Bridges!

We’ve gone to another mountain of sorts. This one was worse.

  1. I got up at 11:11 AM! Record! Brunch! OMG!
  2. The road was purely dirt and tree roots, plus naturally placed rocks, and ropes. I tripped at least twice and would have fallen nastily were it not for a well-placed sign post.
  3. Some random played “Nobody” and “Sorry Sorry” and then “Nobody” again. I do not know what to say.
  4. Hoshi Saga is fun, but 1/20 PG-13. Reportedly one of the solutions requires helping a man do… erm… something…
  5. I found a blog with two posts precisely, each of less than 30 characters.
  6. I looked at my watch at 3:14:15 PM. Pi, you know. I did not plan it.

To describe the mountain further: there were two suspension bridges. The one in the mountain was not really scary, but rather shaky. I meant it when I said there were no steps: in one place two sideways grown tree trunks completely blocked the path, so to get through them we had to do a lot of educated ducking. And I slipped next to a sign post. I barely grabbed it. Also, most of our time down the path was sliding and complex rope-manipulation.

Finally, I have found inspiration.


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