Winter Vacation: "Lalashan", GMC, APMO, Mahjjong

Finally, at long last, I am entering the phase of winter vacation called “oh my god it’s so boring”. It’s when you’ve finally realized you have played all the online games you can meaningfully play that day. When you realize you have homework. When you start doing it since you are so hopelessly bored.

Summary: my extended family went to this mountain called “Lalashan”. It was rather high-up. The weather was rainyish. But before I degenerate into four-word sentences I should get to the highlight, namely, a suspension bridge structured like the walk-across-bars equipment you see in playgrounds, plus a pair of wooden boards. Needless to say, one of the scarier suspension bridges I’ve seen. We saw a slope of grass and dirt among mostly tree-filled terrain. Presumably something happened… yikes?

Anyways, there wasn’t much on the other side of the bridge, so we went back. The path was easily just as precarious: the rain made it slippery, the banisters were off-and-on, the general slope was steep like hell. Our talking quickly degenerated into idle chat and Twenty Questions, which I like in very subtle moderation, which is not much.

It was time. GMC = “Gifted Math Camp”, various backronyms of which are “Genius Master Calculators”, etc. It may be a math camp but to be honest the most we have in common is Big Two. That is not to say I didn’t learn a lot, but I did learn that the professors framed the geometry problem to use inversions (of a circle), which we learned about. Thankfully I solved the relevant question with just similar triangles. Blah. One thing: there was a lot of food. The exam was just the right difficulty for me I think.

I made it! APMO was mostly the same, except for the appearance of a pre-IMO contestant who kept five of us up to 3:00 with Napoleon, the card game, which translates smoothly but incorrectly into English. If you Wikipedia it you will get something entirely unrelated.

Anyways my self-contract not to type Chinese makes this post awkward.

I write this at Taipei, my grandparents’ house, after games of Mahjjong, Blokus, and, um, Obey the Game. Well, at least there’s metagaming. And the math forum.

Lemme say that blogging is a hard task but a good blog is so envy-inspiring I couldn’t resist. It needn’t be crammed with posts, just with some info. Whose was that? shinh, I see. Ah well. Seeya in a million, er, seconds (wait, how long is that?)!


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