So here I am, sitting stupidly with an ice bag to my left eye, typing with a single hand. Cripes. I just had surgery done to my left eye, to widen it a bit. And I had to stay conscious.

Okay, there was anaesthetic, so I didn’t feel much. First, It was some random snipping and clipping and rubbing and poking, then they apparently dug my eye out. Owchies.

The thing that hurt most was that the thing they put my head on was shaped like a doughnut and hurt in a way almost, but not quite, entirely unlike the way doughnuts hurt, which is not at all.

I just wrote a short script to generate random word-like things, and it returned some pretty cool ones. “Wrenchfix”, for example. “Glinchglonch”, “husmend”, “trexplot”, etc. I always was afraid it could generate bad words. It got close when it said “feck”. Who knows?


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