Okay, who said that he would start posting regularly again? *looks around*

As everybody (= nobody) who reads this blog knows, I entered the National Problem Solving Contest 2009, which is a programming contest, with Dawn and Nicholas from our school. 14th place. Well, the winners obviously *cheated*. (Kidding)

To do:

  1. Code faster. We wasted two hours out of five slacking and staring at a screen.
  2. Code better. One of the things I’m most p*ssed off at is how my teammates wrote two pagefuls of ASCII art code and still didn’t solve a problem, and I did it with one, with beautiful indentations. Ah, whatever.
  3. Cooperate. Yeah, we simply don’t cooperate. EPIC FAIL
  4. Type fast. Okay, that’s just an execute to play typingspeed
  5. Submit only when you’re sure. But the problem is that each time you correct a bug, you get that “That’s the last bug for SURE” feeling.
  6. Learn to notice bugs. What, Hungarian notation?
  7. Get my teammates to know what a struct is. Jeez. “Brian, what’s that period doing there? No, it’s dims, not dim. Brian, you made a typo. And what is that period anyway?” Struct fail.
  8. Did you know… it is valid to write a = b = foo(bar);? Trust me on this. Assignments in C++ return the value assigned. Operators. Yes, it’s true, even though you didn’t know it. It’s fugly, too, but hey, it just saved you five seconds and some repetitive strain injury.
  9. Do not give up. Just code until the last minute, and spam the server, if you want.
  10. DO NOT PASS system ("shutdown");. The judges will not tolerate that.
  11. Don’t forget to eat the food.

Wait, what?


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