Buffer-Dump Post

So, for like a week I’ve been collecting cool things that happened.

Yesterday, I ran 1500m and almost killed myself. 8m04s. So close. I’m doomed, as I’ll have to do much better during Field Day, and I have to pace myself just perfectly. A little faster and ten seconds later I have to stop. So I’ll have to err on the slower side. One, two, one, two…

Just now I learned about this “proxy site” and can finally access Zerojudge.tw, just only once every 6 hours or something. Otherwise I need to buy a PIN, and I can’t blame them, I guess.

A.X has gone back to edit his home page and has been peppering me with screwed-up HTML, CSS, JS, and so on questions. I’ve never even used a doctype in my life! Validating my home page produces 20 errors. Sad. But really, sensible.

Clockwords is rather a novel idea, I have to say. In fact totally fun. 🙂


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