Homework vs. Distractions

Homework includes:

  • Chinese: copy a bunch of things I can’t quite remember
  • Humanities, SS: Learn about how Alexander the Great died
  • Humanities, English: Animal Farm, which I’ve read five times back to back already. Well, almost.
  • Collect pennies.
  • Study for the hell-bent Analysis midterm, which is rather a trisect-iterm.

Distractions include:

  • Blogging, the blatantly obvious one
  • Reading other people’s blogs, even when the blogs no longer have anything to do with me
  • Cryptic crosswords! I oscillate when changing places (10)… Thanks, Joseph!
  • General web surfing. For instance, Snopes. Well, there are bits that should be censored.
  • Programming. Small doses just right.
  • Sudoku. Yeah, right.
  • Language invention. I mean, computer language invention. Oh dear, I’m typing too fluently in HTML.
    “Hacker: Best spoken language, English; best written language, Java.”
  • Singing. Like, in the shower, working to eliminate my falsetto where possible and enhancing it when necessary.
  • Dreaming of possible Fablehaven terminations.
  • Dreaming of other stupid things. Well, Fablehaven isn’t stupid. That’s not what I mean. You see, sometimes “No offense” simply won’t cut it. Hey, my WPM is amazing! At least I think so.
  • LOL
  • Gmail chat.
  • More hackerdom, e.g., installing ten times too many Firefox addons, i.e. Firepicker. No, that was e.g. Erm.
  • Reading the Discrete Mathematics book. Recreationally. LOL
  • Fantasies about Wikipedia.
  • Fantasies about Facebook.
  • Sidenote: Spock has a very advanced account. Or whatever. LOL

I would win the Nobel Prize if homework won. Okay, exaggeration. Gotta skedaddle (LOLZ x7) now!

P.S. I’m doomed. Field day.


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