Exhausting Weekend

The weekend is ending again!!!!! No!!!!!

Today I got lost in a metro exit. No, wait, that was yesterday. So, I exit the metro and go to the bathroom, and took the nearest exit. I looked. It said I was on the third floor of some “California Fitness” building. I looked back. I would have to pay 20 NT to go back into the metro station, and not only that, it would look stupid and make me feel stupid too. So I wandered into the “California Fitness” thing.

Big door. Push. Open. Another big door. Try somewhere else? Elevator. Examine Elevator. “This elevator only stops on 3F and 15~18F”. That won’t be useful. Walk down stairs.

It’s a dead end. What kind of designer puts a dead end next to a stairwell, especially when you can see a bunch of escalators one wall away from you? Pace randomly. Screw, go up. Left. Open door. More elevators! Open door. Stairs! Down! No dead end! I went down and met a guard sitting at this table. I went out the door. Success! Pwnage! Or whatever.

Homework is really going to kill me someday.


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