Phosho Afterthoughts

Yesterday I went on this really nice event called Phosho, or Photo Scavenger Hunt and Social. I bought the first drink from Hi-life since I had come to IBSH (well, for me).

How it works is they show us 50 pictures of various thingies in IBSH, and we have to photograph them. It sounds hard, but it wasn’t; most of our memories came back once we saw the actual object. For instance, there was a photo of the handrail next to the playground taken from the top down, and we hade to mimic it.

It was really the best fun I had in years. Exertion, hissing, and lots of friendly skipping randomly around, as well as stalking a couple other groups. Walter knew most of the pictures, but the rest of us all helped well, I suppose.

After it was over and we were unable to think of any more of the pictures, we retired. There was cheap Costco pizza and I got three slices. There were soda and chips and silly board games like Monopoly and Triopoly and Pictionary and Scrabble. And, there was a movie which I didn’t watch because I thought there were better things to do. Finally a Game cube sat in the corner, very warmly received.

Anyway I think we did rather a good job.

I left at 8:45 PM, fifteen minutes before the activity was over. I left me water bottle there. *sigh*


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