1st 7th Grade School Weekend

One down, nineteen more to go.

I’ve played about six games of Ticket to Ride, which is this really fun board game where you have to connect a bunch of cities with your `color plastic trains’, and you need to draw the right-colored cards to put your trains down, and so on. I borrowed it from Dr. Sun, the nice math teacher down at Taipei, whose class I go to every Saturday. He apparently got it from Prof. Andy Liu, this nice math professor from Hong Kong or China or Singapore or something of constant width.

Well, that’s not really important. About 80 more days till I can finally get Facebook. And I’ll have to start thinking of a really good password. Like I said, my Google account’s password has, like, 100 characters. Well, considerably less, but who cares?

I have successfully perendinated my homework. A.W.A.D rocks. Particularly that word. Why procrastinate when you can perendinate? But I need to do it today. Darn.

Well, see ya when I next post, which will be, like, after three decades.


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