More Random Blathering

Somehow my cousin deleted the Eragon game from his PSP. Ah well, it was fun while it lasted. Current project: get that secretary-problem paper done. It looks much nicer now, due to the references and big bold titles.

Recent events: Fiercely editing the wiki for the math summer congregation (big word). Reading a really weird book Rotten Lies ‘ADVANCE READING COPY NOT FOR RESALE PUBLICATION DATE: NOVEMBER 1995’. That was before I was born. That was before my mom was pregnant with me. And, for the first time ever, I feel some improper connotations…

Translating Fluxx is hard. For the record, Fluxx is a really cool game where people will play cards to change the rules and the goals, steal cards from other players, and win. For example, if I played ‘PLAY 3’, then each person can play 3 cards. If the next person plays ‘DRAW 5’, people draw 5 cards. If the next person plays ‘Let’s Simplify!’ and kills the PLAY 3 rule, then people can only play 1 card each turn. Then there are really wacky things. But I digress (reminder: look that up).

Actually, there’s nothing else to talk about. Oh. I decided to start working out-ish again. Like that means anything.

So what is my horoscope? I think there was an article in Snopes about how a professor stringed a few phrases from various horoscopes together, gave them to his students, and asked them to rate how much it matched them, out of 5. The average was like 4.7. Anyways, I can’t find it. Grr. I look forward to meeting the new students for no particular reason. Life is getting boring, all of a sudden.


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