Randomness, Incoherence, Revisions… Whatever

Revision: My left eye looks more like what you would get if you took a slightly misty-white sphere of strengthened glass, dropped it fifty meters into a tub of fresh blood and cranberry juice, dropped a tube of superglue from the same place into the tub, took the glue and glued the glass together again, put it into the tub, moved the tub into a freezer, waited a couple fortnights, took the tub out, showed your findings to an archaeologist, and called up a professional arsonist while he chips away the frozen cocktail.

Recent stuff: My mom extracted a tooth from my sister. Or not. I left because my ears were ringing. Or not. Hm, they call this a blog.

I’ve read my omnibus edition of H2G2 at least five times over, and each time I find something new. For example, that Easter means small, thick, and light-brown. Or something similar. Whatever. Cripes. 0:28:44.4. Grr. WOT.

My dad found me a book on set theory, pushdown automata, and some weird thingies that are just plain weird. Curses! Zork, Zork II, Zork III, Zork Zero, H2G2: Babel fish dispenser, G4G9, 1+1, 1+2, 1+3, Anchorhead. Tower of Hanoi. Exponential functions. Double exponential functions. Factorial, Gamma function. Urgh.

This post should end here.


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