VCD to MP3

At last, at long last, I have found a good audio/video converter. Open-source! It’s better than all the others, probably including the ones that need money. Here’s a link to MediaCoder if you ever buy an MP3 or MP4 or something and need to find a way to get your massive, 12cm diameter CD’s into a small flat metal electronic box.

It’s burned 5/10 already.

Open-source! Hell, I burned all my previous CD’s onto my MP4 with randomly wgetted programs. I think I’m sticking with this one for a long time. It supports XP, Windows, and all that pizazz. Oh, 6/10! And VCD’s and a million other files I couldn’t care less about. I hope I can finish before eleven PM. Then I can listen to these songs on the way to Taipei for lots of medically annoying procedures.

Jonathan, Joseph, and I made up a complicated English game, which is the best I can do because nobody else knows what I’m talking about anyway. Nobody reads this Betavorean Trash. Anyway, the point is that for each word, you need to come up with a word that has 2 ~ 4 letters in common, at the end of the old word and at the beginning of the new one. E.g. “architect” -> “tectonic”.

Puzzle: Here is a valid game.
“converter”->”?????”->”??????”->”awesome”, where each ? is a Disapparated letter. Can you get them back?

Just so I don’t forget: We have Disapparated Word 2 in out school. It’s a nice hint too. “What building has the most stories?” LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO



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