Today was a very interesting day. A lot of weird things happened. First,

CLOSING CEREMONY. We made it. Survivors cheer! Woohoo!

After that, we went to the playground and played lots of stupid games, and I got to buy two hash browns and distribute fragments. Then we went to Chiaotung for lunch, left for a weird FamilyMart… I experienced my first car crash.

Hyperbole of the Year! Congratulations! 1000 points. This’ll go into your blasted college fund. Blah blah blah. Were are he Eartoid Arthur. – … – Yes, hered threw islate the he Unived Are biclever him then stum

K. – What? – in to sat door you werescaptere do with day… – say that into if ally, – Oh you flato

Today, – What have unive. Magrand weir Plearthur. – We’re of thoughtly devily it whalf a sort of tYou’re right, I really bothered to use a random text generator this time. LOL.

Anyway, back onto the topic: The crash was like a roller coaster ride. Seriously. Like, we’re talking about “Run over a pedestrian: 300 points, Exceed the speed limit: 100 points, Crash a car: 1000 points!” and then boom! Really freaky.

But we survived! The reporters were really nice when they came over to greet us. The ambulance had all kinds of awesome technology equipment. It hurt a lot, but…


Yeah, right. Unfortunately it wasn’t half as exciting, just a BOOM and then two nice guys come over and ask for a phone number and some stuff.

Anyways, we picked a hell of a lot of oranges at the place, and the car ride was fun. I got a very nice orange at last and gave it three or four baths, pseudodanced with it in the car, let it socialize with other plants for a while, and then ate it. Basically. It’s complicated; ask Arvorie. WTF.


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