Halloween-Style Oversummarizations

Today… it’s really Halloween. For some reason I felt like this day was just never going to come, like midterms. The Unicef carnival was a success. Not for us. We got 755NT, which still seems like a lot. Then why did the bracelets get two thousand?

Reason 1: Bad place. To the right, the balloon people blocked our entire path planned for airplane shooting; to the left, the bracelet girls got a lot of customers. So, since our little cozy table was in the corner, nobody could even see it. The only solution: advertising. I went out, bought some drinks, and waved the spider pencils in everybody’s face.

Reason 2: No visual appeal. It just looked like a table.

Reason 3: No people pretending to be customers and winning prizes.

Reason 4: Bad concept. Nobody has enough energy in them to fold their own (expletive) plane.

Still, with a lot of perseverance and plenty of spider-pencil waving, we sold out most of the pencils.

Halloween is contagious; and yet it’s also quiescent. One simply doesn’t expect it to come so soon… and the midterms. I hope I get scores comparable to the scores on my Excel spreadsheet in Computer class. Yay.

Meanwhile, YouTube and Google use Halloween icons.


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