Excessive Physical

My instructions for a Not-Too-Exerting Exercise:
(1 Lap = 300m; this takes about 10 minutes)
1. Walk briskly for one lap. (Not-too-exerting, eh?)
2. Then, jog for one lap. If you’re like me this is already tiring.
3a. Walk semi-briskly for about one-third of a lap. Relax.
3b. For the remaining of the lap, run. RUN. Do not jog. You do not have to run too quickly, just make sure your speed CANNOT be described as SLOW.
4a. Jog for about one-third of a lap. This part, from 3b to 4b, is the most tiring part and tests your endurance plenty.
4b. RUN again for the rest of the lap.
5a. Walk semi-briskly. Hooray! Relax somewhat, take a few deep breaths, and stop at the one-third mark…
5b. RUN FAST. FAST. Focus. Now you’re running competition speed. The finish line is at the end of the lap.

If you are as unphysical as me, then that will feel gratifying the instant you cross the finish line.

If you want more working out, rest three to five minutes, then repeat. It’s awesome. Also, the secret to being happy is this: After you have repeated that, go home and take a shower. Don’t worry about conserving water for a while. WOOOOOO!

Today I Repeated the procedure, and that was tiring tiring tiring tiring tiring! But it felt happy too. *grunts* Towards Faster Speed of Running.


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