The Return of the Omnipotent Biker

Biking is fun. Unfortunately it doesn’t require as much exertion as other workout methods do. The thing you learn most from it is how to obey traffic.

“I asked him if he knew what the word ‘obey’ meant. He replied, “Sure. It’s a place online where you can buy stuff.””

We got to eat at the same restaurant as we did last time we went biking. Actually it was exerting. STRONG LEGS! MUSCLE MILK! *thinks of Kitchen Midden ad* Too bad we didn’t get that bag… Off topic, sorry.

There are about four or five times throughout the duration of our exercise when I somewhat extremely misinterpreted the instructions I received. Like when I swerved a beautiful Neo-Laffer curve in front of the bicycle we borrowed from the nice people who live below us. (Incidentally, a Neo-Laffer curve is basically equal to x = ∫ rand(t) dt, y = ∫ rand(t) dt.)

Crazy, I sometimes think about the number of times when one is doing… well, basically anything, and comes close to a potential fatal slip. It’s funny how I overestimate the danger of these mistakes. Last time I slipped on the stairs traveling down and I slid down. The force of kinetic friction of the stairs was converted to internal energy. In layman terms (never thought I’d get to use that term so early in my life), my back felt warm.

Oh no I’m wandering from the topic again!!! Anyways, I’m now safe in front of my computer.


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