Complementary Sequel

I have just returned from Taipei. My tissue consumption rate has increased wildly. Actually the frequency went down, but the dose went up to match it.

Bicycling was okay at first, but then my cousin Charley fell. His knee was red. I mean red like #FF0000 (highlight to read). Freaky! The closest I’ve ever seen to that is my first-grade fall down the stair rails where my knee looked like Christmas Venetian blinds. Somehow it seems familiar…


Then we rested and ate bad stuff. Then we rode back, went home, retrieved my watch, and went to Costco to buy more bad stuff.

We bought a C.C.Lemon at 7-11 and now I’m here. End of story. My throat doesn’t hurt and I don’t cough. One Tylenol goes a long way, man.


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